Industry 4.0 Malaysia Association is an NGO that was established in 2017 to spearhead the promotion, implementation and advancement of Industry 4.0 in support of the governments vision to up-skill and up-scale industries and trade in Malaysia in line with the on-going global revolution.

Malaysia needs to aggressively revolutionise how SME’s operate and map how the Malaysian workforce for seamlessly into this new technology. Be it training and development structure and courses that we need to embark on; to ensure that our talent are consistently up-skilled to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

We work to achieve these key objectives

Building Relationships

To work together with the Government of Malaysia, State Governments and public bodies in Malaysia to advance the development and implementation of Industry 4.0

Creating Awareness

Creating awareness in Malaysia and between Malaysia and foreign countries by facilitating participation for business, organisations or individuals relating to Industry 4.0

Knowledge Sharing

To knowledge and learning through the collection, collation and dissemination of statistical and other information relating to Industry 4.0

Promoting IR4.0

To promote and constructively comment on legislation or other measures affecting Industry 4.0

Supporting Businesses

By providing access to facilities for holding and conducting trade shows, business negotiations arbitration, meetings of companies or other like matters

Bridging Between Traders and Associations

To link with trade associations, merchants (either public or private) in Malaysia and Internationally